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We are happy to welcome You
in one of the most prestigious Ukrainian health resorts
We invite you to the “Podolie” sanatorium – Podolie pearl, which is placed in Vinnytsia
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STANDARD. One-roomed, single (2th building)

Price : 1060 UAH/Person

STANDARD. One-roomed, double (2th building)

Price : 850 UAH/Person

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DE LUXE. One-roomed, double (1th building)

Price:1310 UAH/Person

DE LUXE. One-roomed, single (1th building)

Price:1880 UAH/Person

DE LUXE. two-roomed, single (3th building)

Price:1660 UAH/Person

DE LUXE. two-roomed, double (3th building)

Price:1200 UAH/Person

APARTAMENTS (VIP). Two-roomed, single. With a kitchen (3th building)

Price:2360 UAH/Person

APARTAMENTS (VIP). Two-roomed, double. With a kitchen (3th building)

Price:1550 UAH/Person

APARTAMENTS. Two-roomed, single. With a kitchen (3th building)

Price:1880 UAH/Person

APARTAMENTS. Three-roomed, double. With a kitchen (2th building)

Price:1170 UAH/Person

APARTAMENTS. Three-roomed, single. With a kitchen (2th building)

Price:1600 UAH/Person

APARTAMENTS. Two-roomed, double. With a kitchen (3th building)

Price:1310 UAH/Person

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We invite you to the “Podolie” sanatorium – Podolie pearl, which is placed in Vinnytsia region. You are welcomed here with comfortable rooms for every taste and price, as well as the best staff that is known in Ukraine and far away abroad is waiting for you as well. We also offer professional medical treatment and modern diagnostic facilities. You can receive the following treatment in our sanatorium: Radon therapy, mud therapy, all kinds of physical therapy, for example, underwater spinal traction in radon water, Hydrokineziotherapy in the pool. Moreover, our health resort has first in Ukraine radio-emanatorium for the treatment of pulmonary and cardiovascular system diseases.

We are happy to welcome You in one of the most prestigious Ukrainian health resorts, in famous town Khmelnik that is situated in Vinnitsa region. This town is a balneological resort of state importance, and takes area of 2049.3 hectares. It is located on the river Southern Bug in the cup-shaped cavity. The climate is continental warm, soft, without sharp temperature fluctuation, organism-friendly and corresponds to “comfort zone”.




Water and mud

Sanatorium "Podillya" is, first of all, a balneological resort. All natural sources of the sanatorium are mineral springs with radon water, which has miraculous healing properties.


The sanatorium is located in a wooded area, much of which is occupied by coniferous trees. The area of the forest park is 10 hectares.

Large modern SPA complex

At your service are a swimming pool, a hammam, a relaxation room and exercise machines for all muscle groups, treadmills, and other cardiovascular machines.

The only radon emanator in Ukraine

Empirically proved higher efficiency radon emanatorium in treating a variety of severe diseases (Bechterew's disease, rheumatoid arthritis, acute manifestations of osteochondrosis, etc.).


Increased ionization of air, has the most beneficial effect on the body, improves mood, normalizes appetite and sleep, promotes recovery from diseases of the respiratory system.


Absence of sharp changes in the main meteorological parameters in all seasons has a positive effect on human health. A comfortable, mild climate is favorable for rest and treatment at any time of the year.


In the sanatorium "Podillya" successfully used more than 170 different medical procedures. The attending physician will assign you the necessary examination and will select for you an individual course of treatment.

Concerts and discos

On the territory of sanatorium there is club, where musical evenings, banquets are held, organizes performances of talented artists.

Cabinet optics

Diagnosis of vision is carried out for adults and children, advise patients how to maintain normal vision and, if necessary, help to choose the correction means.


For active holidaymakers we offer a range of exciting excursions to places of interest of Ukraine.

Bank services

Raiffeisen Bank Aval department operates on the territory of the Sanatorium, which provides a wide range of services.


The transfer includes the transportation of the passenger on a given route from the point of destination, and escorting him and his luggage: meeting as well as boarding from the sanatorium and vice versa.


The food for the patients in the sanatorium

Proper nutrition is an integral part of the complex of a sanatorium-and-spa treatment and even allocated in its view - diet therapy. It is based on the theory of a balanced diet. According to it, the food must contain the optimal quantity of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, vitamins, mineral and other substances. In addition, a carefully selected caloric content of food, its temperature, volume and consistency. No less important is the mode of reception of food, which should be combined therapeutic effect of therapeutic procedures. For three decades the functioning of the sanatorium "Podillya" our specialists have accumulated extensive experience of the correct organization of power. The food in the dining room of the sanatorium are not only tasty, but also is a source of strength, health and vigor.


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The Administration of Sanatorium Podillia

The director of "Podillya" health centre Anatoly Repyah +38(04338) 2-21-51
Deputy director for the medical part Leonid Marchuk +38(04338) 2-44-31
Head of accounting and control department Svetlana Mikhaleva +38(04338) 2-15-83

Our address:

LLC "Sanatorium ‘Podolie’", Kurortnaya Str., 10, Khmelnik, Vinnitsa Region, Postal code: 22000

Answers on medical issues:

  • Tel. mob. (KievStar): (098) 93-34-366
  • Tel. mob. (MTC): (066) 16-12-113