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Therapy with electricity practiced in ancient times, when people did not understand its nature. For example, the ancient Greeks knew about the therapeutic effect, which produces electric eels and rays that inhabit the Mediterranean Sea. With their help, successfully healed diseases of the joints, headaches, gout and even paralysis. Today electrotherapy has become a separate area of ??physiotherapy, which is widely practiced and is thriving. Physiotherapy rooms sanatorium “Podolia” are equipped with modern technology to enable a variety of treatments in electrotherapy.


One of the traditional and very effective methods of physical therapy is electrosleep. It is invoked by the action of the central nervous system of low-frequency pulse current. As a result, there is a monotonous rhythmic stimulation of the cerebral cortex, inhibition occurs, and then sleep. Its therapeutic effect is to normalize the functions of the autonomic nervous system, blood and blood pressure. In addition, patients improves the function of the myocardium is removed excitement, stimulates metabolism. Electrosleep has analgesic, vegetostabiliziruyuschy and sedation. The procedure prescribed for the treatment of neuropsychiatric diseases, hypertension, coronary heart disease. It is very useful for people that restore health after myocardial infarction and complex operations.


Excellent method, stimulation of tissue metabolism and pain relief is diadynamic (DDT). From a technical point of view, it is the impact on the muscles and tissues of the DC half-sine shape with a pulse frequency of 50 or 100 Hz. DDT has an inhibiting effect on the sympathetic nervous system, allowing normal blood flow and limfobmen disappear spasms, improves metabolism. Diadynamic prescribed for the treatment of radiculitis, neuritis, neuralgia and other disorders of the peripheral nervous system. In addition, this type of electrotherapy is used to eliminate scars, restore joint mobility, as well as in diseases of the digestive organs.


On the mechanism of action of this method is similar to the electro diadynamic, with the difference that uses a high-frequency currents, modulated in amplitude. Their rhythmic passage through the neuro-muscular system and the muscles creates a pronounced analgesic effect, significantly improves peripheral circulation, stimulates tissue trophism and relieves spasms. Amplipulse assigned to eliminate pain in the joints and spine and limb recovery after injuries of the musculoskeletal system. This method is also used for the treatment of muscle paralysis, cerebral palsy, hypertension, respiratory and female reproductive organs.


Curative factor interferential currents are penetrating into the depth of the tissue and causing muscle contractions. Under the influence of cross-interference currents microcirculation in the tissues, activation of oxidative metabolism and reduces inflammation. Through this method can be achieved, analgesic, stimulant and anti-inflammatory effects. Indications for use of interferential are central nervous system disorders, including, organic, pain, stomach ulcers and other diseases of the digestive system. The method used in the treatment of muscle atrophy, paralysis, hypertension, gynecological diseases and other disorders.