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Mud Treatment

n conjunction with radon in the sanatorium “Podolia” is actively used by the peat mud treatments. Mostly, patients assigned to applications, which are held in a special mud of our institution. The therapeutic properties of mud (peloid) is due to their content of mineral substances, whose effects beneficial to health. In turn, the mineral and chemical composition of the mud depends on the supply of water, botanical factors, ash content and degree of decomposition.

Peat for the treatment of tourists in our sanatorium in Voytovets mined field, which is located 9 kilometers from the city Chmielnik. Raw materials for medical procedures has more than 15 different minerals, among which are so important for the body iodine, lead, beryllium, copper, etc.

As mud affect the body

Curative effect of peloids is based on the effects on the human body chemical, mechanical and thermal stimuli. Physical properties of peat applications allow you to do a relatively high temperature, which has a warming and stimulating effect. The mechanical effect due to pressure peloidnoy mass, as well as friction between the particles of peat and the body. Chemical treatment is based on a factor penetration of trace elements and biologically active substances in the body through the skin.

Complex aspects of the above creates a healing effect, which has a long-term effects. In particular, patients activates metabolism, improves blood circulation, enhanced the inhibitory processes in the cerebral cortex, thereby relieving stress, fatigue and stress.

Types of mud

The most common methods are pelotherapy application. They are divided into general, when subjected to impact a large part of the body, and local. As a rule, practice, local application, when heated mud is applied to a particular part of the body. Name of such procedures is easy to determine at what kind of place affects one or another type of applications – “Gloves”, “boots,” “sock,” “cowards,” “pants”, “jacket”, etc. Typically, a layer of peat is applied 6-8 cm, and the procedure takes about 20-30 minutes. In addition to applications in the sanatorium “Podolia” are used by mud therapy wraps, wraps, rectal and vaginal swabs.

In what diseases is appointed fangotherapy

Peat therapy has on the body a number of positive effects. In particular, produces trophic, anti-inflammatory, desensitizing, neurohumoral, astringent and absorbing effects. In addition, the mud has a local antimicrobial effect, strengthens the immune system and overall tone. Peloidotherapy used to control disorders of the nervous system – neuralgia, radiculitis, ganglionitami and many others. etc.

Peat is an excellent tool for therapy and prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, in particular, inflammatory joint disease, trauma, arthritis and polyarthritis. The curative mud is prominent in the treatment of many diseases of the digestive system – hepatitis, ulcers, gastritis, colitis, holitsistita. In addition, pelotherapy used in the treatment of genital disorders in men and women, skin and other diseases.