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Iodide-bromine baths

Baths with medicinal substances and minerals

Key factor in treatment sanatorium “Podolia” is radon. However, methods of healing in our institution, of course, not limited to this area. As part of balneological health resort procedures patients can be assigned a wide range of baths with mineral water and various medicinal substances. This allows you to create the most effective treatment in which radon is harmoniously combined with pine, iodine-bromine, pearl, alkaline, lavender and many other types of baths. They are appointed based diagnosis and the individual characteristics of the body a rest.

Iodine-bromine baths

One relatively new methods of balneotherapy is iodine-bromine baths. They use mineral water with high content of iodine and bromine ions, which play an important role in the biochemical processes of the body. In particular, iodine directly affects the thyroid gland and bromine – the functioning of the pituitary. Iodine-bromine baths, appointed at the sanatorium “Podolia”, influencing the nervous and cardiovascular systems, as well as the activities of the endocrine glands. The course of treatment takes increased irritability, headaches, irritability, improves sleep and increases efficiency. Iodine-bromine baths are appointed by diseases of the central nervous system, to treat injuries and injuries of the musculoskeletal system, endocrine and inflammatory diseases.

Pearl Jacuzzi

Innovation type of spa treatment is the so-called Jacuzzi or otherwise – aeromasazh. The essence of such a procedure lies in the effects of small air bubbles that are submitted through the nozzle at the bottom of the tub, on the human body. The therapeutic effect is due to their mechanical effects on the skin, and the difference between the temperature of water (+35-37 C) and air bubbles (+15-20 C). During the procedure is complex body massage, thanks to what relaxation of muscles. Jacuzzi designed for the elimination of functional disorders of the nervous system, relieve stress and fatigue, normalize blood pressure, as well as obschestimuliruyuscheho funds.

Coniferous bath

To prepare softwood bath uses a special extract produced from the needles of pines, firs, cedars and other trees. It contains essential oils, minerals and biologically active substances that favorably affect primarily the respiratory and nervous system. Besides the therapeutic effect of coniferous baths due to temperature and aroma factor. Irritation olfactory center of a pleasant smell is emotional lift and improves overall health. Pine baths are desensitizing, anti-inflammatory and hypotensive action.

Other types of baths

Holidaymakers in the sanatorium “Podolia” can be assigned different types of baths, taking into account the peculiarities of health. In particular, the widely used bath with mineral water. For example, alkaline baths using sodium bicarbonate used for the treatment and prevention of skin diseases, and manganese bath as a bacteriostatic and anti-inflammatory agent. Mustard baths are appointed by patients suffering from chronic pneumonia and other diseases of the bronchopulmonary system and to normalize blood pressure. Lavender bath is an excellent remedy for varicose veins, vegetative dystonia, radiculitis, osteochondrosis and other diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Experienced doctors of our health resort after careful diagnosis, prescribe optimal rate balneological procedures that ensure long-term positive effect.