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Treatment therapy

Any living cell, among other things, is an oscillatory circuit, which are inherent factors such as capacitance and resistance. The same can be said about the larger structures of the human body – tissues, internal organs, large and small circle of blood. Thanks to external electromagnetic fields can have a significant impact on virtually all body systems. In recent decades, medicine has adopted a set of methods of physiotherapy, based on effects on the body of electromagnetic fields and waves. Sanatorium “Podolia” has the latest equipment for electrotherapy. Their aggregate markedly enhances the effect of radon therapy, peat and other therapies.

Short-wave therapy

Curative factor of this method are electromagnetic waves of high frequency. They create a magnetic field induces in the tissues of the body electromotive force and the eddy currents. Under their influence is an endogenous heat production, disposed of inflammation and relieves spasms. In this magnetic field penetration depth in tissue reaches 8-9 cm short-wave therapy is indicated for chronic and subacute inflammatory diseases of internal organs, peripheral nervous and urogenital systems. This method has worked well in the rehabilitation of patients after fractures of long bones, treatment of respiratory disorders, the treatment of hypertension, neuritis, scleroderma and other diseases.

Detsimetrovolnovaya therapy

The essence of the method lies in the effects on the tissues of the body of electromagnetic waves with a frequency 433-915 MHz, lying in the decimeter range. They release heat energy, which is distributed to tissues and organs located deep in the body. UHF therapy produces anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, vascular and immunomodulatory effects. It is best to eliminate disturbances in the organs of the endocrine system. In addition, indications for use of this method are polyarthritis, diseases of the spine, extremities and peripheral nerves, hypertension, ischemia and other disorders.


Mechanism of action is based on darsonvalization application to different parts of the body pulsed alternating current frequency 110 kHz. Its feature is the use of a sufficiently high voltage (about 20 kV) with low current. The impact of rapidly decaying pulse causes the first contraction and then expansion of blood vessels, thus normalizing their tone and improves capillary circulation. In addition darsonvalization reduces the sensitivity of nerve endings, pain and relieves spasm of smooth muscles. This procedure is indicated for the treatment of wounds, burns, varicose veins, venous ulcers, hemorrhoids, diseases of the nervous system and skin.


In the course of procedures in the magnetic therapy for patients affected by the constant, pulsating or alternating low-frequency magnetic field. It has beneficial effects on biological processes in cells, in particular, 30-40% increase in the rate of chemical reactions and decreases the excitability of neurons. Magnetic therapy has antispasmodic, anti-and sedation, as well as improves blood circulation. There are also detoxifying and analgesic effects. This procedure is used to relieve inflammation in the acute phase, treatment of diseases of the peripheral nervous system, hypertension, and many chronic diseases of internal organs.