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Methods of diagnosis

The most modern methods of treatment will not succeed without accurate the diagnosis. That is why special attention in the sanatorium “Podolia” on improving diagnostic methods. The main task is to identify the individual characteristics of the health of our guests and select the most efficient set of treatments. To this end resorts experienced professionals conducting clinical, immunological, biochemical and other studies. Laboratories equipped with the latest spa equipment for the wide range of instrumental diagnosis disorders of the body.

Instrumental methods of diagnosis

Along with traditional studies of health of patients in the sanatorium “Podolia” are widely practiced diagnosis based on the latest instrumental methods. They include ulrazvukovye survey reovasography, Holter monitoring with computer analysis, different types of radiography, electrocardiography and encephalography. This allows us to estimate with precision the status of all systems of the patient and with the results obtained, assign the appropriate treatment.

Ultrasound examinations

One of the most effective and relatively simple methods of diagnosis is ultrasonography (USG). It is based on recording the reflected sound waves from blood vessels and organs of the body, on the basis of which conclusions can be drawn about their condition. For example, using ultrasound to diagnose the doctor is able to narrowing of the arteries and veins or presence of blood clots that can cause a stroke. This makes it possible to take preventive measures to eliminate violations and prevent dangerous abnormalities. Ultrasound is used in cases of suspected presence of disease bronchopulmonary and cardiovascular system, gynecological, urological and many other diseases.

Electroencephalographic studies

An indispensable method for diagnosing neurological, psychiatric, speech and other disorders is electroencephalography (EEG). In the course of its recorded electrical activity of the brain, which are recognized on the basis of degenerative, inflammatory disease of the body, as well as possible tumor. EEG allows to localize the lesion of the brain and monitor the progress of the rehabilitation process. Thanks to the doctors to make quick changes in the course of treatment and adjust it dynamically.


The essence of this method is to record changes in electrical conductivity of body tissues, which depends on the fullness of the vessels with blood. This study allows to diagnose pathological changes in the vessels, to draw conclusions about their tone and general condition of the peripheral blood circulation of the extremities. In addition, rheovasography used to assess the hemodynamic brain and helps in choosing the treatment of trauma and vascular disorders.

Other methods of diagnosis

The sanatorium “Podolia” by constant monitoring of health tourists and monitored the change in its performance in relation to the treatments. The list of applicable methods of diagnosis is extremely broad – from the traditional blood pressure measurements to specific gynecological, ENT and ophthalmic research. All this is aimed at achieving the maximum effect of spa treatment at our health resort.