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Diabetes Complications

Diabetes mellitus is one of the most common endocrine diseases on the planet. They affect approximately 2% of the population of all ages, and every 15 years the number of patients doubled. According to statistics, the risk of the disease in women is almost two times higher than in men. The exact cause of diabetes is unknown. It is believed that it may develop as a result of genetic predisposition for obesity soil, stress, viral infections, certain endocrine disorders, and alcoholism.

The symptoms of diabetes are caused by absolute or relative deficiency of insulin in the blood produced by the pancreas. These include the unbearable thirst, blurred consciousness, severe itching, numbness, etc.. But the really terrible complications of diabetes, in extreme cases, lead to blindness, convulsions, coma and even death.

The cause of diabetic complications can not only increase blood sugar levels, but the pathological changes in the organism. Recent accumulate in a patient with diabetes, if he neglects measures on disease prevention, in particular spa treatment.

Common complications of diabetes

The most serious complications associated with impaired sugar metabolism. They appear in vascular pathologies, causing the so-called metabolic syndrome. Vascular lesions may occur in many different organs. In decompensated diabetes often occurs retinopathy – damage blood vessels of the retina, which can lead to blindness. Other dangerous complication of diabetes – Nephropathy, which causes the degradation of blood vessels and capillaries of the kidneys. Against this background it may be hypertension, and chronic renal failure. In diabetic angiopathy damaged walls of blood vessels of the heart and lower limbs, and at encephalopathy affects the brain vessels. In varying degrees, these and other complications are present in the majority of patients with diabetes and require regular maintenance.

Prevention of diabetes complications

The most important aspect of the prevention of complications of diabetes is to maintain proper blood sugar levels. The fact that the walls of blood vessels, particularly small ones, are very sensitive to this parameter. Under the influence of high concentration of sugar in them irreversible changes occur, which leads to deterioration of the blood supply to the relevant body. It is also necessary to maintain a normal blood pressure and diet.

It is equally important to carry out active preventive measures, restoration of passing courses in specialized institutions. In this regard, the sanatorium “skirts” is almost an ideal place for the rehabilitation of patients with diabetes mellitus. Radon baths that are the basis of treatment, strengthen almost all systems of the body, and are extremely useful in the treatment of patients with metabolic disorders. They are appointed in diabetes, obesity, gout, giperterioza and many other violations of the endocrine system.