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Rest in sanatorium in winter

21 July 2017

The sanatorium “skirts” – is the jewel of Chmielnik, surrounded by an old pine forest area of ​​over 10 hectares. Every year come here about 10 thousand people who want to not only improve their health but also a break from the bustle of the city. In winter it is especially beautiful: the forest is transformed into a real fairy tale, covered with fluffy snow, and the air is filled with healing scents of pine forest, is particularly clean.

In addition to the radon water from their own wells, help to cope with a variety of diseases experienced professionals from different areas and modern equipment. And if you come here just to relax, you are at your disposal there is a club with a cinema, library and a dance floor. The dining room offers a delicious, varied and, most importantly, healthy dishes. It should be noted that the water resort nurtures its own source of artesian water. So just turning on the tap water in your room, you get clean water for their microchemical characteristics similar to popular mineral waters as “Morshinska”, “Mirgorod” or “Regina”.

In winter, vacationers are no less than in the summer. And if you calculate the daily cost of living in an apartment in Kharkov or Kiev, taking into account the communal services, the full relaxation in the resort is very beneficial for your wallet and health. For example, the cost of renting a one-room apartment in Kiev without eurorepair costs about 4 thousand. UAH. With utility gets about 4200 – 4400 UAH. In the day – 140 – 160 UAH. And if we add food, leisure and travel, you get all 400 – 500 UAH. Now back to the sanatorium. “Skirts” offers vacationers junior suites, suites and apartments with excellent repair, and everything necessary for a comfortable life. You do not need to cook, go for groceries and breathe dense urban smog. Price per night for a junior suite per person is 410 USD for a double and 530 USD for a single.

Based on the above calculations, rest in sanatorium “skirts” in the winter is not only good for health, but also beneficial to the family budget. Imagine how you spend your winters in a warm room, looking at the dense forest and enjoy the peace and tranquility. Also resort offers a variety of sightseeing tours, walking near a forest lake and varied cultural program for tourists.

Dormitories are separate from the treatment. You do not have to visit them. Of course, you can several times a massage, take a drink or radon baths fragrant herbal teas that will never be superfluous. But if you want to return to the city, not only rested, but also healthy, it is best to pre-visit a specialist who will determine what procedures should be like, and write out a schedule for each day. It employs true luminary of medicine, who all his life was put on treatment of patients and the development of new techniques that allow the body to regain its former strength.

Territory resort impresses with its size. Not far from the dormitories is a hairdressing salon, a bar, shops and has its own parking lot. Naturally, every room has access to the Internet, because without it is unthinkable modern life.

So living in the sanatorium “skirts” in the winter has a number of advantages. First, do not have to stand in queues for treatments and waste your precious time. Secondly, if we consider the economic situation in the country, and “joyful” promises of the authorities even more to raise prices for public utilities, it is much more profitable to leave for another month in a sanatorium. The duration of permits is 21 days. Of course, you can come for a week. But many quickly extend his vacation, because they can not part with such a magical and cozy place as a sanatorium “skirts”.