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Celebrating the 25th anniversary of independence of Ukraine in sanatorium “Podillj”

21 July 2017

On the eve of the anniversary celebration – the 25th anniversary of Independence Day of Ukraine. In the assembly hall of the “Podillj” of the club resorts solemn meeting.

Welcoming remarks to employees of sanatorium and resort vacationers the director Anatoliy burr. He expressed gratitude to the entire staff for the contribution of each invested in the development of the resort. From high professionalism, hard work, thoughtful attitude every doctor, every nurse and support staff all depends on the health and mood, and overall treatment outcome each room. After all, the greatest reward for us is the return of health to patients, their grateful words and a desire to come back here again.

These days are particularly important words of gratitude from soldiers ATO are defending the freedom and independence of our country in eastern Ukraine, namely soldiers 130-th separate reconnaissance battalion “Golden Gate”, a / h 3039 National Guard 9th individual infantry battalion armed forces of Ukraine, the rehabilitation center “Square Hospital” battalion “Trident”, a / h 3014 Western frontier district and many more other units thank thankful letters, letters to the head of the sanatorium – Rap’yahu Anatoly G. resort staff and the commanders and soldiers of the armed forces of Ukraine and the national Guard of Ukraine for free treatment, recovery and rehabilitation of soldiers and their families.

For the fair, fruitful work and professionalism on the occasion of the resort administration awarded each employee sanatorium cash prize. It was also noted that due to labor victorious team, a good reputation resort both in Ukraine and outside of our establishment is to have good economic indicators, including allowing employees to work all year full time.

Also a welcoming speech addressed to the team chairman primary trade union organization “Podillj” Storozhuk Ivan. After greetings were invited to hear the annual report of the primary trade union organization. For reporting on the scene were invited unions Mykhalov accountant Svetlana.

Svetlana reported that in the year of the trade unions resort spent a significant amount of money to employees of the resort including assistance for medical treatment, surgery, for holidays, for anniversaries, weddings, the Christmas gifts, payment for burial. Trade union contributions are not withheld from employees of the resort.

It was also the opportunity for free prolikuvatys as resort employees and former staff members of the resort. Provided free assistance to both workers and members of their family dentist. So during the year dental services got 105 people.

Sanatoriums were voluntarily insured each employee accidents and sickness. Of the insured has received payments on insurance cases 12 employees of the resort. Presidency unions was put forward a proposal to provide additional financial assistance to workers who are sick. Guide sanatorium immediately went to the wishes of the union. Further support for this will be enough to write a statement to the administration and the patient will be allocated funds.

It should be noted that during the solemn meeting in the hall was an atmosphere of friendliness and respect. Especially hot it was, when the stage assembly hall for presenting backpacks full of school supplies set children were invited workers resort that this year will for the first time in first class. These bags handed children personally director sanatorium.

A solemn meeting completed a gala concert with the participation of well-known to the whole ensemble of Ukraine “Sabre”.