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Radon therapy

The therapeutic properties of radon, №86 element of the Mendeleev periodic table are known since time out of mind. Altai shamans didn’t know the biochemistry, but this was not a problem – they successfully used radon therapy in the early Middle Ages. In the middle of the XVI century explorer of mineral springs Brushius Kaspar described the terrains of the German town Fihtelgeberg – “where people reach to old age, and recover quickly.” As it turned out in the XXth century, the reason for that case is the high content of radon in the local water.

Radon – a non-reactive inert gas occurring in extremely small quantities in the world. The special value of mineral springs can be used in spa treatment for many ailments. A unique terrain is Northwest Vinnytsia, where in 1930 radon water was discovered. Right here, in Khmelnik, sanatorium “Podolye” basing on radon therapy works for many decades.

It includes radon baths, applications, inhalation, usage of radon water, micro enema etc. Individually selected set of procedures can boost immunity, has vasodilatory, anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory effect. Radon therapy affects beneficially the organism subjected to a variety of chronic and acute illnesses. It is scientific and practically proved that small doses of radiation prolong life, reduce the risk of infections and even cancer.

Radon therapy for Cardiovascular Diseases

A large percentage of resting in the resort ‘Podolie’ choose our health resort because the treatment and prevention of the cardiovascular system diseases. Radon therapy normalizes blood pressure, eliminates the effects of atherosclerosis and improves heart function. All this connected with anti-arrhythmic radon effect and an antispasmodic effect on cerebral blood vessels. Radon therapy makes excellent effect in healing varicose veins, because the number of blood clots significantly reduces, swellings in the legs decrease. Due to increased vascular tone, Radon causes an improvement of cerebral blood circulation and indicated to people who have an increased risk of stroke.

Radon therapy for the musculoskeletal system diseases

Radon therapy is especially useful for people who have experienced fractures, joint damage and other injuries. It suppresses inflammation, reduces pain and increases joint mobility. It is noteworthy that radon affects beneficially on the formation of Cartilage Tissue, whereas the use of many remedies produce the opposite effect. Besides, contrary to medicines radon have long effect since the positive influence on the immune system. Radon treatment is recommended to ones suffering from osteoporosis, because it activates calcium metabolism in Cartilage Tissue.

Boosting the immune system, prevention of nerve and other diseases

Radon baths are recommended for the stress relief and its consequences, so as having a notable sedative effect on the nervous system. Furthermore, radon has analgesic effect, reduces inflammation of the nerve fibers and forcing them to regeneration. Due to the normalization of metabolism, especially protein, radon eliminates allergic reactions and boosts the body’s immunity. In particular, the risk of cancer tumors is being reduced, the regeneration of burned skin is being accelerated. Radon therapy has been established as excellent treatment for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, urological diseases as well as female genital illness. At the same time, after radon manipulations the stable therapeutic effect is observed during 6-18 months.