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Medical seminar at the sanatorium “Podillya”

21 July 2017

One of the major problems of our time are the diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Diseases of the joints make life in the fight against pain. But with the right treatment can be a pain, or significantly dampen and level out completely. This will help you in the doctors of the sanatorium “skirts”, which specializes in fighting with these illnesses.

Team physicians, trauma surgeons and diagnosticians examine in detail your individual case and detail prescribe the necessary treatment.

Treatment in the sanatorium is based on integrated use of medication, spa, physiotherapy, phytotherapeutic methods and natural health resources.

Since the main curative factor resort is unique in its composition radon mineral water, radon in the balneotherapy provided in a sanatorium in the full spectrum (radon baths for hands and feet, local (dual chamber), general, half-baths). The resort used general medical and specialty massages, ozokeritotherapy, mineral and aromovanny, jetted tubs.

It should be added about other resort.

Significantly to the theoretical training doctors resort constantly render scientists from Vinnitsa National Medical University MI Pirogov. Several times a year at the sanatorium held scientific conferences with the lighting of modern technology combined therapeutic treatment of disease based on the results of evidence-based medicine.
Leading experts of the Therapeutic Profile (professor. Zhebelev VM, prof. J. Paly, prof. Stanislavchuk MA, Assoc .. Humeniuk AF, etc.) is a regular speaker on the rational choice of NSAIDs , a modern approach to the combination of local and systemic chondroprotection, features of patients with comorbid disorders. Special attention is paid to the choice of pharmacotherapy in cardiac patients with concomitant diseases of the musculoskeletal system with spa treatment (radon).
Experienced doctors resorts are constantly improving their skills and use the latest technology in daily practice.
Treatment results exceeded expectations – in most cases there is a significant regression of pathological processes in the joints, and – as a consequence – the improvement of health and quality of life.