LLC "Sanatorium ‘Podolie’", Kurortnaya Str., 10, Khmelnik, Vinnitsa Region, Postal code: 22000
  • from 8:00 to 21:00
  • (067) 23-23-415
21 July 2017

Hello!!! I express great gratitude to the staff of the sanatorium “Khmilnik”. I was from 12/13/2016 to 601.2017. On treatment and from the very threshold of the sanatorium there was a most pleasant impression. Everybody is greeted by a very pleasant and qualified staff, the attitude is so cordial and caring, it seemed to me that all attention should be attached only to me. On the first day the doctor met me with great attention, received, listened and appointed the right one And a qualified treatment. Huge understanding. During the exacerbation, even breakfast was brought to the room. Huge thanks to everyone for their concern and understanding: N, Kozlyuk S. A, Stepanyuk L. V, Kolemaskin I, Konovalova L. N, Prisyazhnyuk T.P., Bevz L.G., Poberezhnyuk T.D., Konovalova V.I.I will come to you with great desire!