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Spine Diseases

The therapy of Spinal Diseases

The spinal column plays an important role in human health. It influences physical endurance as well as the condition of internal organs, because the spine keeps them in the right places. Diseases of the spine lead not only to the back pain, but also to the pathology of many systems of the body, which are innervated by them. That is why such diseases as osteochondrosis, sciatica, scoliosis, kyphosis, ankylosing spondylitis and others can cause very serious disorders, which are unrelated to the state of the spinal column at the first sight.

Unfortunately, three-quarters of the adult population of Ukraine and other European countries have defects in the work of this body. Thus, treatment of spinal diseases and their prevention is extremely relevant. This direction is a priority to the resort ‘Podolye’. Thanks to the integrative approach to the radon, peat treatment and manual therapy, our sanatorium has earned a reputation as one of the best resorts in Ukraine treating spine diseases.

Radon baths therapy for the Spine Diseases

The positive effect of radon therapy in curing diseases of the musculoskeletal system is based on its combined affect of radon on many systems of the body. Treatment for spine diseases is carried out by taking radon baths. About 2% of radon, which is contained in the bath, penetrates the skin and causes vasoconstriction and expansion, as well as a number of other effects. They are associated with an intense effect on neuromuscular, skeletal, cardiovascular and other systems of the body.

In practice it is seen in anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, reduced blood pressure and the sensitivity of peripheral receptors. In addition, radon boosts immunity, improves circulation and neuromuscular conduction, stimulates the endocrine glands, and restores many of the body functions.

Radon is usually assigned to those who survived fractures and joint damages, as it activates the calcium metabolism and helps to restore cartilage. Spa is an excellent way to fight the osteoporosis, sciatica and many other spine disorders.

Peat therapy for Spine Diseases

Peat treatment for musculoskeletal system diseases consists of three components – mechanical, thermal and biochemical. The combination of these impacts provides absorbable and anti-inflammatory effect.

Compared with other methods of mud treatment, peat therapy provides less stress on the body. It is produced in the form of applications or baths, in which the peat is diluted with mineral water. This physical therapy is one of the most effective ways to treat neuritis, neuralgia, joint diseases, the effects of spinal and limb injuries.

Often peat manipulations are prescribed in combination with radon therapy or separately when there are contraindications to it. As a result, improvement was observed in 90% of patients.

Manual therapy for Spine Diseases

Massage is the third major direction of spine diseases treatment at the ‘Podolie’ sanatorium. This method is traditional and most common for many people who want get rid of back pain which is usually connected with various diseases. In particular, we are talking about an osteochondrosis, radiculitis or, for example, a herniated disc.

In addition, massage is advised for people suffering from curvature of the spine, neuralgic, and many other diseases. Along with radon therapy peat treatment and manual techniques guarantee excellent effect. Hundreds of thousands could make sure of this during the years of rest and treatment at the ‘Podolie’ sanatorium.