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Joint diseases

Treatment for joint diseases

Joint pain and common diseases are the hardest challenges of modern medicine. Despite all the achievements of pharmacology therapy for rheumatism, arthritis, arthrosis, ankylosing spondylitis and other diseases can be continued for many years. This is due to the fact that blood circulation slows down in articular and cartilage tissue, as the medications spreading by the bloodstream reach there in insufficient quantities.

Along with this, the joints are trap organs which actively accumulate crystals of salts in the blood and lymph. Also pathogens that cause infectious joint diseases actively multiply in the connective tissues. Often the treatment of joint pain is reduced to potent analgesics intake which are temporary relief, but at the same time destroy the body.

Systemic treatment for joint pain

Proper treatment of joint diseases is based on the elimination of their causes, as well as the application of procedures, reproducing cartilage and bone tissues. Comprehensive medical care is prescribed for the relief of symptoms. Usually it includes antibiotics (if the disease is infectious), anti-inflammatory, immune-boosting drugs, steroids and analgesics.

At the same time a vitamin C diet is prescribed, with the restriction of salt and fluid. The treatment of rheumatism and other joint diseases widely involves physiotherapy – electrophoresis, UHF-warming installations, etc. Of particular importance is the spa treatment in institutions specializing in the prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Radon therapy for joint pain at the ‘Podolie’ sanatorium

Joint diseases are treated excellently by radon baths along with peat therapy and massage. Such sanatoriums are phenomena due to the fact that radon springs are very rare. In Russia, recognized centers of radon are Belokurikha Altai and the North Caucasus Pyatigorsk, in the Czech Republic – Spa Jáchymov, Ukraine – Khmilnyk. Right here in 1973 the sanatorium “Podolie” was opened, and for more than forty-year history of its work improved the health of about 500 thousand people.

The main element of the treatment of joint diseases is the radon baths taking. Radon therapy is based on the irradiation of patients by weak stream of alpha particles emitted by radon. We should not fear the dreadful word “radiation” – the radiation dose for the entire course of treatment is less than half the person gets in the normal X-ray examination. Ionizing radiation stimulates almost all systems of the body, which has a positive effect on the condition of the joints.

Thanks to the natural anti-inflammatory effect analgesia of damaged joints can be achieved. Due to activation of the immune system, the body effectively combats microorganisms and viruses. This is especially important for infectious diseases, such as infectious rheumatism. Along with peat treatment, massage and physiotherapy, radon therapy provides excellent results in the treatment of joint diseases.